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FOLDABLE 1000 – 10


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The AXA Foldable 1000-serie is a key operated foldable lock and is an addition to the AXA foldable lock range. Suitable for use with all types of bikes.

This hardened steel foldable lock is easy to use as it has several pivot points. The shackles have a diameter of 10 mm and combined with it’s length of 105 cm you can easily and safely lock your vehicle to a fixed object.

The cylinder is protected from moist and dirt by a cover to extend the life span of your lock.

The international online key service offers you the opportunity to order a spare key at any time.

The foldable lock is available with a neopreen sleeve in the color orange and can be easily transported in the nice holder which can be mounting to the frame.

Safety description
Hardened steel shackles and housing
Safety level 11

Comfort description
Hand operated cylinder cover to protect from moist and dirt and extend life span
Nice transport holder
International online key service

Technical description
Length 105 cm
Diameter shackle 10 mm
Pivot points for easy locking to fixed objects